The Wick Award Community Fund was established in December 2014 as a response to addressing community needs within the Wick ward in the London borough of Hackney. Based on community research undertaken by Wick Award, the Fund aimed to build on local talents and aspirations, in line with objectives of their Big Local Programme, to make Hackney Wick a better place to live now, and in the future. East End Community Foundation, as the Local Trusted Organisation, administered the Community Fund.

The Wick Award Community Fund had a budget of £30,000 to distribute in grants of up to £5,000. Grants were made available under three themes and for each theme there was guidance on what the Fund was looking to support. Applicants had to demonstrate that they were connected with, and meeting the needs of, the local community and that their project was a good fit with the programme guidelines. The themes of the grant programme were:

·         Improving and Promoting Health and Wellbeing

·         Building Community Spirit

·         Creating Opportunities for Young People

Three grant rounds were held in March, July and November 2015. A total of 20 applications were received requesting £87,944. Eight grants were awarded with the average grant size being £3,750. Each application was assessed by the EECF grants team and presented to the Wick Award grants panel for consideration. The EECF Grants Committee approved the grant recommendations made by the Wick Award grants panel.