Wick residents celebrate The Great get Together, in memory of Jo Cox

Great get together 2018

From the Foxtrot to the Candy over 60 Hackney Wick residents danced the afternoon away as part of the Great Get Together weekend.

The Grand Tea Dance, held at the Trowbridge community centre on Saturday 23 June, saw residents socialising, listening to live music and learning new dance moves – all in an effort to bring the community together.

Sylvia Simpson 59, from Hackney Central said:

“it was really fun, I got to meet new people and watch people dance to live music, which I haven’t seen I ages. I really enjoyed it’

Polly Mann, the community and partnership worker for Wick Award said:

“The tea dance was a great turn out. A lot of residents from the Hackney wick area attend, and as well as getting up to dance, we had amazing baked cakes made from the Hackney Wicked Women. I am really happy we all came out to be a part of The Great Get Together. “

The event was organised and sponsored by local organisations Wick Award, Hackney Wicked Women and was hosted by the Trowbridge over 50’s club.

The grand tea dance was one of the many events held across the country last weekend as a part of The Great Get Together, which was inspired by the late MP Joe Cox