Council responds to Hackney Wick young people

Hackney Wick Youth Voice

Hackney Council has responded positively to the report “Hackney Wick Through Young Eyes” developed by Hackney Wick Youth Voice, a project established by Wick Award and delivered by Hackney Quest.

The research conducted by local young people in 2017 (Hackney Wick Through Young Eyes Report ) explored young people’s experiences and   thoughts about living in Hackney Wick. The council has written a response to the report inviting Wick Award and participants to a meeting at the Tomlinson Center to discuss the response with the Mayor, Councillors and officers.

Luke Billingham, project leader said

we are happy that this event is happening, it shows that the council have recognised the importance and power of young people perspectives as expressed in the report.

We know that there are lots of things which make Hackney Wick a brilliant place to grow up in, but there are also a number of challenges which many local young people face. We hope that the event will provide clarity on the actions that the council will be taking in light of the report as well as to tackle these challenges

The event on the 10th July is an invite only event. If you are interested in coming contact Luke Billingham at